If you have Apple Watch you must know about these 6 Apps:

Apple Watch is a precious thing for everyone. If you got Apple Watch then congratulations! You started a new journey with fun. Apple Watch is a fantastic Smartwatch, but it may create little problem for you later even if you have SE or Series 9 or Ultra 2 or old one. Don’t worry! We have solution for your problem.

When you connect Apple Watch to iPhone start set up, open App Store and findtheseApps.
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  1. Waterful – Track Drinks Easily:

If you want to drink enough quantity of water in 2024. Waterful is a great application that will tell you about quantity of water. It is easy to use don’t worry about it just tap water, coffee, soda anything you have. It can write data to Apple Health and Siri. You can put Waterful on watch face to get quick results in daily amounts. It makes easy to drink enough.
It is on cheap price just $9.99 for lifeor $0.99 per month. This is good price to get health benefits.

  1. Streaks – Make Good Habit

This amazing App makes you regular. It tells you about your previous routine time. With the help of this App you can know about your previous fun. It can track anything. It can give you lots of ideas. The amazing feature of this App it can track special events’ thing like emails of special person. This habit builder App is just fot $4.99 one-time fee.

  1. Things 3 – App which can Organize you:

  2. There are many useful Apps just like Omni focus or Apple reminders. Things 3 is also useful like these Apps. It has very nice designing. It is suitable for all devices. Likewise, it looks more attractive on Apple Watch. By the help of this App you can check tasks, edit anything you need. You can set deadline of any task on it. You can add notes by talking. Furthermore, you can buy this iPhone App with Watch version together just $9.99.
  3. Starva – Amazing Fitness Tracking

This is a amazing tracking App. If you do exercise daily, run lots or bike this App helps you to track. By the help of this App you can calculate your heart beats or GPS to follow the path. Orange Starva helps in tracking running, riding, or anything else like Iphone. If you leave your phone at home it works great. It’s premium version charge $5.99 per month. This is just like fitness App at very low cost.

  1. Spotify – Music Without Phone

Spotify is a pretty good App for music. This is an awesome App on WatchOS. It can be played from phone. It is easy to use just select playlist, album or songs. You can download to Apple Watch. It is a bit difficult to download but once downloaded it works amazingly without phone.

  1. Pocket Casts – Podcasts Anywhere:

It is podcasting App just like Spotify. It looks genuine on Apple Watch. Its important feature is that it syncs all devices. Furthermore, it is easy to play while in pocket. Its subscription is $40 per year you can download to Watch without phone.

Final Words for having first Apple Watch:

You should install these 6 amazing Apps before you start your Apple Watch. These Apps make your life easier. By the help of these Apps you can live smart life. Water and habits, organization, fitness, music, podcast these Apps shows cool stuff it can do. Besides this nice to have messages, emails, weather and alarms.

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