Acer Helios 18 Review, Feature, and Price,Best Review:

Acer Helios 18 Review, Feature and Price:

If you want to buy gaming laptop, then Acer Helios is for you. It has many interesting features and powerful specs. It has power to do upto 4k gaming without a single lag. If you are interested to play games then this laptop is for you, before buying read this review about Acer Helios. In this article I will review Acer Helios. Don’t worry this review will be unbiased.

Here is Acer Helios 18 Review,Features and Price:

Acer Helios 18, Quality and Design:

The build quality of Helios 18 is impressive. It has little keyboard flex and a solid metal lid. It has 18-inch screen,this big screen makes it heavier, helps to enhance gaming experience. But while typing it may wobble slightly due to its large screen. The Helios is heavier and larger at over 7lb (3.2kg) and as much as 9.9lb (4.5kg) with it’s a heavy charger of 330-watt.

Acer Helios 18 Performance.

The Helios is really amazing for gaming, streaming, or editing because it made with an Intel Core i9-13900HX processor, Nvidia RTX 4089 graphics. It has 32GB memory and an 18-inch screen make it more powerful. But Acer provides cheaper option with the RTX 4060 and 4070 variants. It makes gaming experience better because It has Nvidia’s latest graphic card.

Acer Helios 18 Keyboard:

The keyboard of Helios has the ability to light up with personally desired colors because it has a per-key RGB backlit keyboard. This can give keys a slight click feel, it helps to improve typing experience. The touchpad of Helios supports amazing gestures and functions.

Acer Helios 18 Ports and Connectivity:.

Acer Helios has gigabit Ethernet, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, a Micro SD card slot. Therefore, it performs good as for the matter of connectivity. It has a 3.5mm audio combo jack located on the left side. There are another two USB Type-A Ports 2 and a Kensington lock on the right side. It has also power input, HDMI 2.1 out put, and two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports, which provides connectivity options.

Acer Helios 18 Internal Configuration:

If you want it access the internal, 14 TR6 screws need to be removed. The battery, memory slots. M.2 storage slots, and Wi-Fi 6E card are inside the Helios. According to thetested configuration it consists of two 1TB Pole Gen 4 SSDs RAID 0, which makes read and write speed faster.

Acer Helios 18 Audio and Battery:

The laptop’s speakers provide an average audio quality present at its front. But latency results are not good just like in other laptops. The Helios powered by a 4-cell 90Wh battery with options for eco balance mode. But bad thing about battery is that the life of battery is not good, due to big screen of 18-inch.

Acer Helios 18 Price:

Price of this laptop is a big question? At this time while I’m writing this article, the Helios price starts from$1700 USD, but configurations with RTX 4080 price starts from $2200 USD. The price depends on screen size.

This Acer Helios 18 is for editors, gamers who want a big screen for good performance. But the decision to select this laptop depends on choice of any person according to their need. So this is an unbiased review of Helios 18. Good luck!

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