Apple MacBook Pro M3 Review: Budget friendly MacBook

Apple MacBook Pro m3 review

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Review: As you know, Apple MacBook Pro M2 was already the best laptop but now Apple has launched its M3 series. Apple claimed that the M3 pro will be 25% faster than the M2 pro. The main question arises here that should you upgrade your MacBook M2 to M3? If you are thinking to buy M3 read the review of M3 pro MacBook. I will guide here complete. So keep reading!

Here is the Apple MacBook Pro M3 Review

MacBook Pro m3 Visual Upgrade

The most attractive feature of the MacBook pro M3 is the display with a brightness level of 600 nits, 20% better than the previous model. So, this feature helps you to use the laptop outdoor. But the thing is mini LED display has the same visuals and functions as the previous one, the brightness has risen significantly.

MacBook Pro m3 Color

As you know, Aesthetics is most important to attract fans. Black shade is also offered by MacBook M3 pro. Although it is not same as we were expecting. However, it is quite appealing. The special technology used by Apple makes it space black and resistant to fingerprint. That’s why it is very appealing to dark-mode devotees.

MacBook Pro M3 Chipset

MacBook M3 pro is enough better than MacBook M2. Even the MacBook M3 pro is cheaper than MacBook M2 max, it is faster also. The MacBook M3 CPU core design with six performance and also six efficiency core demonstrates how apply seeks to its performance. The transition to a smaller 3-nanometer fabrication technology enables the MacBook M3 pro to perform multitask quickly and flow seamlessly in real-life situation like video editing.

MacBook Pro m3 macOS

MacOS Ventura runs in a beautiful manner on the MacBook M3 pro and it utilizes all the power that is currently available. With the help of advance interactive widgets Ventura backs numerous advantages of M3 pro. The video conference tools and safari are improved widgets. They have visual similarly and perfect lock screen. And the redesign settings of the system gives an excellent user interface.

Benchmark: M3 Pro vs. M2 Max

The Geekbench multi core test shows that the M3 pro is dominant with a score of15,43 as compared to the M2 Max’s score of 15,18. The MacBook M3 pro almost doubles its single-core performance. As I mentioned above a smaller fabrication technology is used in it which makes its performance sharp, processes much quicker, including, but not limited to, video exports and also editing large files.

Choosing the Right Variant: M3 Pro vs. M3 Max

There is a big difference between MacBook M3 pro and M3 max, the transition from MacBook M3 pro to MacBook M3 Max will be huge thing. This decision will depend upon ones financial and individual preference. The M3 pro is only for who wants to buy budget friendly and also powerful MacBook. So, this the Apple MacBook M3 pro review with its M2 vs M3.

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