Big Screen Asus Zenbook Duo 2024: Features, Price, and Review:

Asus Zenbook Duo 2024 Features, Price, and Unbiased Review :

Asus Zenbook Duo 2024: This is one of the big screen laptop launched by Asus. If you want to buy it then you must know about its features. It may be not suitable for you. To know read this unbiased review.

I am presenting here the Asus Zenbook Duo 2024 Features, Price, and Review

Asus Zenbook Designing:

The Zenbook Duo is a very light and thin, having just weight of 1.3 kg. In it Pogo pins are used for perfect connection with detachable keyboard. It has backlit Ergo Sense design with touchpad which provides good user experience. This is good quality of this laptop featured by Asus.

Asus Zenbook Duo 2024 Performance:

The performance of this Asus Zenbook Duo is fantastic because it is powered by the latest 14th Gen Meteor Lake Intel processors. It has better performance than Intel Core Ultra 9 along with Intel Arc graphics. Neural Processing Unit is included in it to dedicate AI tasks. This thing will make future bright for laptop users.

Asus Zenbook 2024 AI Integration:

AI Sense webcam with Studio Effects is integrated by the incorporation of AI. Effects like eye tracking and background blur, increase video quality. AI boost optimizes AI effects, 10TP webcam located at the top of the Zenbook Duo seems good for video calls. These features help to taking the load off the GPU and CPU.

Asus Zenbook inventory Concepts:

First time the concept of dual-screen laptop was presented by Asus in 2018. The project was priced around $1500 USD. To provide better hardware and functionality, it has become a much more affordable option.

Asus Zenbook Usage:

In scenarios of usage it provides interesting features. It is not a just dual-screen; it plays important role in our lives. It can be used as a single-screen laptop in a coffee shop or on a train. Even you are in office or home, the dual 14-inch screens make the possibilities unlimited. Detachable keyboard and 180° hinge are great features it has.

Zenbook Build Quality :

Superb device, stable support, and narrow but beautiful borders made this Zenbook unique. It’s dual-screen provides unique benefits in multi-tasking and flexibility. Besides, this it has stereo speakers, ports HDMI 2.1 and thunderbolt 4.

Asus Zenbook Battery Life:

Asus Zenbook Duo has big and best battery life. It has 75 Wh battery and guaranteed battery performance increasing. Because it is using efficient 14th Gen chip.


As you may have realised the Asus Zenbook Duo 2024 has interesting features with advanced technology. It has dual-screen design, AI integration, the best battery performance, unique pieces of hardware are used in it to increase productivity and creativity. So, this is an unbiased review of Asus Zenbook Duo 2024. Now, you can make decision about it to buy. Good luck!

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