Xiaomi shocked the world by Launching New Electric Cars having Wild Speed and range

Xiaomi actually launched two insane electric SUVs with super fastest acceleration, almost 800km range, and with best features. Read this article in-depth review!
Xiaomi is a Chinese Tech company. This company surprised the world by showing off their first electric cars.
The Xiaomi SU7 and SU7 Max SUVs. These new EVs have amazing speed and range numbers. It looks like these inventions making Tesla fans jealous!

In this article, you will find surprising information about Xiaomi’s new “super EVs” and what makes them so special. With sports car-like acceleration, almost 800km of range, and Xiaomi’s latest tech inside, the SU7 models are looking to shake up the electric car industry! Here are some features discussed.

How can we compare them ? SU7 vs SU7 Max:

We can’t compare them because the regular SU7 and high-powered Max model have really different specs under the hood. Let’s see how they are different!

First we see Speed features:

First, the acceleration. The normal SU7 zips from 0-100km/hr (0-60mph) in just 5.3 seconds. But the beefed up SU7 Max does it almost 3 seconds faster at 2.8 seconds! Getting from a standstill to over 100km/hr That’s amazing and like a pure supercar territory.

SUVs would take 8-9 seconds or more to hit 100km/hr. So even the regular SU7 is really quick in a straight line. The Max borders on ridiculous with its sub-3 second sprint time. We’re talking neck-snapping launches when you start the accelerator!

Top Speed Kings Electric Cars:

In the top speed field, the SU7 Max also dominates. It can hit a governed 265km/hr max, while the standard model reached out at 210km/hr.

Most electric SUVs stop acceleration off around 180-200km/hr for safety and battery reasons. But almost 270km/hr would make the Xiaomi one of the fastest production EVs ever made!

Surprising Range for an SUV:

The driving range of Xiaomi makes different from other electric cars. The estimated range of SU7 is 668km (415 miles) on a single charge. This range is surprising for those who loves Tesla model Y.

Similarly, the SU7 max is also had same range 800km (497 miles). Most EVs having range less than 500 miles. This range of SU7 max is really mind-blowing.
I think this range is manufactured in an ideal condition, and it is very competitive for other electric cars.

Use of Modern Technology in SU7 andSU7 max:

Xiaomi used AI technology in SU7 andSU7 max. It is a huge surprise for consumers of electronic companies.

Use of HyperOS:

HyperOS is an artificial intelligence system which can control navigation, media playback, smart home control and even autonomous driving systems. This is extraordinarying technology of modern era used in SU 7 and SU7 max.

Xiaomi claimed that this AI help for self-driving ;they tested it for over 10 million kilometers. They said SUVs use cameras and sensors to see obstacles and this system called “Adaptive BEV” They challenged this type of technology never used.

Use of Tablet Screen in these cars :
16-inch tablet screen with high resolution is used in SUVs andthe digital gauge cluster has visuals to something youseend see on a smartphone.So definitely these factors makes these cars different.


Xiaomi has unveiled its new electric SUV models, the SU7 and SU7 Max, and they are turning heads with their promising blend of speed, range, luxury and technology. However, since these cars are still in the pre-production stage.

Pricing for these models remains uncertain, with Xiaomi’s CEO hinting that they are on the expensive side but worth the investment. It is yet to be seen how it compares to Tesla’s Model X, Y, 3, and other flagships in terms of pricing.

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