Crazy-Fast Wi-Fi 7 is arriving But Can You Afford It? Let’s know !

Wi-Fi 7 provides multi-link connections, 4K QAM modulation and 320MHz channels. It haslightning speeds for fast connections. But when will this amaze Wi-fi available, and what are its costs?

Wi-Fi 7 claims to be one of the greatest advances to provide wireless connectivity history, It provides your home network faster speeds, strong signal and increased reliability. Here we will provide all important information you need to know about it. It has game-changing new features.

What actually is Wi-Fi 7?

This is unofficial name of Wi-Fi for the new IEEE 802.11, this is a wireless standard version 7. This edition seeks to improve in every field of Wi-Fi; from speed, features, coverage areas. Its aim is make Wi-Fi better every way.

Lightning and fast speeds – 30 Gbps :

Having super reliable connections:

Best latency for gaming and video calls:

It can support more simultaneously connected devices:

This is done by major technology upgrades like multi-link operation (MLO), 4k QAM modulation, and 320MHz channels. I will break out it’s game-changing features, so keep reading!.

When Will Wi-Fi 7 became available?

By the Wi-Fi alliance at CES 2024 the new standard was just certified. Therefore, Wi-Fi 7 is still in the early days. We will enjoy it soon.

Other companies like TP-LINK, Eeroand Linksys are proving Wi-Fi 7 routers at CES that could launch later in 2024. ISPs are also trying to prepare Wi-Fi 7 subscriber equipment.

Industry experts are predicting that Wi-Fi 7 could replace Wi-Fi 6 as the top-of-the-line consumer Wi-Fi technology. They predicted, over the next two years Wi-Fi 7 will be backwards compatible with older standard.

How Does Wi-Fi 7 Work? Multi-Link Operation:

As the Wi-Fi 7 has revolutionary upgrades is multi-link operation (MLO). This provides a single client device simultaneously connect with multiple channels and frequency bands at ones.

Therefore, the devices could be transmitted data on the2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands all simultaneously over different streams. Before this, never seen this type of speed.

Speed increases with 4K QAM Modulation:

As we know Wi-Fi 5’s highest speed is 256-QAM but Wi-Fi 6E used 1024-QAM at best. Wi-Fi relies on QAM modulation to provide dataonto radio signals. Amazingly, Wi-Fi 7 introduces 4k QAM with whopping 4096 signal combinations. If we pack more data into each waveform, 4k QAM boosts rates by 20% over Wi-Fi 6. The peak speed is more than 30 Gbps.

Ultra-Wide 320 MHz Channels:

Wi-Fi 7 can connect multiple channels into enormous 320 MHz blocks. But past devices used channel widths of 80 or 160 MHz.

Will Wi-Fi 7 Be Secure? Important point:

Wi-Fi 7 uses the latest WPA3 encryption for strong security and protection from data theft, malware, and hackers. The good point is that it can connect dozens of devices in your home. Wi-Fi can provide security every time when are you in your home.

How Much Faster is Wi-Fi 7 Than Wi-Fi 6?

There is a big difference between the speed of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7. The Wi-Fi 7 is 3x faster than Wi-Fi 6 and 10x faster than Wi-Fi 5.

Will My Devices Be Compatible for this Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi features are designed with backwards compatibility in mind. So you don’t need to worry out your existing laptops, phones, tablets or smart home gear to reap Wi-Fi 7 rewards.

Any device which is compatible with Wi-Fi 4/5/6 will work on Wi-Fi 7 networks too. However, only the latest flagship devices will support cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 connections. Most devices will connect at slower legacy Wi-Fi 5/6 speeds.

You need to update equipment because home network gear like routers and mesh systems will need upgraded hardware to provide full Wi-Fi 7 coverage. Therefore, while devices will work, your network likely needs an equipment refresh to decode maximum performance.

Will Wi-Fi 7 Be not in your reach?

Price of this crazy-fast Wi-Fi 7 is a big question. So, its price will be more than Wi-Fi 6.

Final Words about Wi-Fi 7:

Wi-Fi 7 is bringing amazing wireless connectivity to homes and mobiles users over the next two years. It has features, Multi-link operation, 320MHz, 4k QAM modulation, and 30 Gbps plus speed which isspeeds transform inthe use of internet.

This new Wi-Fi is reliable enough to replace Ethernet for power users. It will give wireless freedom to remote workers, gamers, and smart homeowners. If you have any question about Wi-Fi 7 leavecomment below. Goodbye!

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