Top 10 Best iPhone Apps, you must install if you are beginner to iPhone:

If you are new user of iPhone, definitely you need some apps to make your iPhone more efficient. There are plenty of iPhone apps, create confusion which one should install. Don’t worry I will give you complete guide about best iPhone apps to install. Just keep reading this article!

In this article I will tell you about Top 10 best iPhone apps you must install because you need it. These apps are necessary for your iPhone to make it smarter.

  1. An AI chat Bot: This Crazy Popular App You Must install.

This crazy AI chat Bot is called ChatGPT. This is a well-known AI tool which can understand human language. You can ask any question, it will answer you. It can solve difficult questions in seconds. It is smarter than Siri or Google Assistant. Furthermore, it can answer you according as you prompt it, just explaining like a human.

The amazing thing is that you don’t need to type questions. You can just speak to it. It will reply you back in voice. How amazing part is that? ChatGPT can remember your past questions, these questions automatically saved in browse history.

You must install this amazing app ChatGPT and create it’s shortcut for home screen. After this, you don’t need Siri or Google Assistant.

  1. A Notes App That Helps You Remember Stuff!
    Most’s of the notes’ app are irritating, having repeatedly ads. It’s hard to find best notes app. So, don’t worry!I’m telling you about it.
    According to my research Evernote is the best notes app because it is easy to use, you can type easily and make lists. The additional feature of this app is that you can add photos also. It organize your all notes. The basic version of this notes app is free but if you want to paysome money every month you will get additional features of it. Then you can upload bigger files and can sync itwith other devices.
    If you need writing constantly then this amazing app is for you.
  2. Threads – The Hot New App like Twitter:

You can replace twitter with the help of thisapp. I’m observing nowadays twitter is not working like before, as you know the owner of twitter change to new owner Elon Musk. Many people are searching app instead of twitter. So, Thread is a good option. You can link your Instagram account with the help of it. The interface of this app is almost same as twitter.
Many people think the Thread is full of spammers, but this problem is not only for Thread. The spammers areeverywhere, you just be careful. If many people start using thread, this can kill twitter.

  1. Pocket Casts: An App to Listen to Podcasts.

If you listen podcasts then definitely you should install Pocket Casts. This app will manage your all podcasts. This is one of best podcast app.
Pocket Casts helps you to save your time with the help of it you can speed up or slow down playback if people are talking too slow or too fast. The good thing about it is that it has sleep timers. Apple Watch can control. It has “discover” section in this section you can find new amazing podcasts. It can recommend new podcasts according to your interest.

  1. Google Maps instead of Apple Maps: The reason is here!

The iPhone installed Apple Map also but unfortunately, this map can’t beat Google Maps. Google Maps is better.
Google Maps has detailed maps of 220 countries. It gives you real time traffic information. So, you can avoid jams. If you download this app you can use it offline also. This feature of Google Maps is really crazy. Just download this app for great mapping experience.

  1. AccuWeather! A Weather App With Minute By Minute Hyperlocal Forecasts.

If you know Apple Weather App gives you some basic information. It has restrictions. But AccuWeather gives you superb weather details.
AccuWeather will tell youexact temperature and rain chance in your area. It will provide you updatesevery minute. So, this is the best app for iPhone.

  1. Snapseed! It Will Make Your Photos Look Better With Just One Tap.

iPhone has some basic editing tools only. But Snapseed has advance features for editing. It has 29 advanced photo filters and effects. With the help of Snapseed you can transform your simple photo into awesome one. To make your looks pro just select filter and boom. Your photo will look like pro.
Snapseed can make your each type of photos like for Instagram and other social media platforms.

  1. Photographers Need This Pro Camera App:

The iPhone camera app is also good. But, if you’re interested in iPhone photography, you must install Halide Mark II.
Halide Mark II can make DSLR-level photo It can be controlled in an iPhone app. It has amazing features of manual focus, focus peaking, depth capture, exposure histograms, RAW photo capture and more. There’s an Apple Watch app, you can also control camera remotely. The interface of this app is amazing, easy to use and understand. But, unfortunately this is only for pro users, its free version isn’t available. It’s for mobile photographers only.

  1. Learn New Languages Fast With This amazing iPhone App:

If you want to learn new languages without any confusion and in an easy way then you must install Duolingo. This app will make just as fun to learn other languages.
By using this app you can learn everything in short, it provides game-like lessons that help in learning fast. It provides easy and short steps to learn, you can pick vocabulary words, grammar rules, and listening skills.
25 languages can be learned in Duolingo. If you’re ready for trip to foreign country, you can learn languages of their country. Give few minutes in a day to learn languages, the results will be amazing. Just download to get benefits from this app.

  1. Balance: Lower Your Stress With Soothing Meditations.

The app called “balance”. This app has practice able plans for meditations. You know nowadays it is necessary to take of mental health. This app provides you plans for meditations every day. If you follow these plans you will get better sleep, reduce anxiety, self-love and more.
This app has plenty of nature sounds, bedtime stories, relaxation exercises to provide good rest.
For meditations, it gives sessions to beggars. So, you should install this amazing app for your mental health. Remain keep and calm and enjoy life!

Final thoughts:

We suggest these Apps for iPhone to make it more efficient. You should install these apps right now. You can tell usabout your choices, what app you like to use? Comment below! And share this article with friends who got a new iPhone. Take care! Bye Bye.

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